The old Harbor – Transit and Customs

Transit Warehouses “Transit” and Customs. Location Nissaki in the old harbor.

Transit Warehouses were built in 1834 in designs by German architects I. Erlacher and B. Vailer. It is one of the first public buildings in modern Greece, along with the Lighthouse of the port of Ermoupolis and the Clearinghouse. The building is 125m long with two wings and follows the old coastline. There are seven warehouses in each wing. In the past, the ships sailed into the building from the sea and unloaded directly. Today Warehouses Held Public Services Since 1994 the Cyclades Gallery has been created in four warehouses in the south wing.

Customs was designed by Al. It is a marble two-storey building and reminds the palace’s Duchess of Penteli in Penteli, whose reconstruction was commissioned by Al. Georganas. On the waterfront built after the war, ships that require customs control are nowadays.