Short history of Syros

Syros Island is found in the central point of Cyclades and as it is proved by the archaeological researches, first accommodated in the prehistoric season, (4.000 p.H.) and later at the ProtoKikladiki period (3.000 eg) The first historical report becomes from Omiros that he reports the island as “Syrii” and he called it from then as “dipolis”, which means that it had two cities: the Posidonias and the Foniki. The first residents of island were Finician, thats why the name Syra that emanates from the “Oysyra” (:happy) or the “Syr” (:rock).

Ancient Ermoupoli build from Iones, and later was lived from Persians conquerors, Romen, Franks and Turks, which left each one his own cultural stain. Those however that stamped with their presence the island were the Venetians, that they made Syros an important commercial centre of Eastern Mediterranean. The fury of however pirates, with the time forced the residents to transport the capital in the hill, there that today dominates the medieval settlement of Ano Syra, with his church Saint George. When the island devolved to the sovereignty of Frenches, Ano Syra was lived from kapoukinous that founded a small abbey that functions until today.

The big however economic blossoming of Ermoupolis came afterwards the revolution 1821, when a team of refugees from the Psara, Chio, Crete and the Asia Minor, they installed here their naval and commercial activities. The period of acne kept up to the beginning of the 20 th century.

Today, the glamour of past is reflected in the important architectural monuments of passed centuries, but also in the riches and artistic events “Ermoupoleia” that is organised each year in the dues June.