The Bishopric (or Piskopio) is a settlement of Syros that is built on the slopes of a pine-covered hill and is one of the richest sources of green on the island. It is located approximately in the center of Syros and is 4.5 km from Ermoupolis. It is the closest holiday resort in the capital.

Near the Piskopio are the ruins of the building that used to be used as a residence of the Catholic bishop. This 15th century building gave its name to the settlement.

Piskopio was the first favorite resort of rich Syrian merchants since the creation of Ermoupolis in 1830, which built impressive and imposing villas with lush gardens in the 19th century. The road to the settlement passes from the hill of Sklepi, where the farm and the villa “Avrofiliton” of the doctor Ioannis Foustanos (formerly Fthiatarios) are located. Today abandonment is predominant and most of the villas are deserted.

On the top of the hill dominates the church of Prophet Elias, which was built in 1845 and is a one-aisled basilica. The church of Virgin Mary of Piskopiani or Prothothronis, which was the first metropolis of Syros, is located in the direction of the village of Malia and goes out of the village and towards the area of ​​Mallia. It was built around the 6th century AD. This Virgin Mary is attributed to the island’s salvation from the plague epidemic in 1728.