The municipal Library of hermoupolis

The Municipal Library of Hermoupolis is accommodated in the ground floor of Intellectual Centre, beautiful neo classic building of 19th century (1863-1865).

The library comes to use in 1926 and begins with core of books of 2000 roughly sections from the collections of library of High school (1835) and more specifically the library of Jacob Rota, beloved friend of Korai, Bishop of Cyclades Anthimou Komninou (1842) etc.

The preciously old books as “Argonaytika” of Apolloniou of Pomegranate 1521), “Nominal the Polydeykoys of” 1608) Rakina, “Joystinjana of ” Rodokanakis – publication of Syros etc. they are seldom safeguarded in separate place.

Particular report should become for the collection of local press that begins from the previous century and reaches as our days.

Roughly 45.000 volumes of books are in the disposal of reading public.

Are always programmed events at the duration of year with axis the book.

The printed material is categorized with the decimal system of classification DEWEY.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 14:30


Phone: +30 2281088089