Miaouli Square

The Miaouli Square, that is found in small distance by the harbour of Ermoupolis, is one from the infrequent in Greece squares 19th century. Today is the heart of city, the place of evening walk, the obvious point of meeting for residents and visitors.

The initial name, “Othonos Square”, was given to price of first king of Greece.

Afterwards, on 15 October 1862, the denomination in “Leotsakou Square” honoured Nikolaos Leotsako.

The current name Miaouli Square was given in 1889, when they became exposures of the Andrea Miaouli head statue.

There, dominates the building of municipality of Ermoupolis, one from the bigger town halls of country. It is work of German architect Ernest Tsiller, that was founded in 1876 and the openings became 1898. Apart from the municipal services, in the town hall are accommodated also the courts, the Land registry, the Archaeological Museum (with Protokykladika and Byzantine exhibits and the Historical File Cyclades that you entertain in the Palace Ladopoulou) and other public institutions (lawyer’s association etc.).

In the square  you will see also the Intellectual centre and the Municipal Library that allocates infrequent material with the history of Syros. In the entry of square is found the head statue of A. Miaouli.

Very tall palms embellish the square, giving her one separate beauty. In the square you will find many cafe.