Korres Loukoumi Manufacture

Korres Loukoumi

Korres Loukoumi

The trade name "Korres" began her operation in 1962 in Ermoypoli of Syros factor "loukoumi" delights, "chalvadopites"(halva-pies) and halva with the traditional way.

Today we continue the delivery in the manufacture and sale the pure these and traditional products and allocate also the bigger variety of lands of fruits in Syros.

The shop of the manufacture is found in Miaoyli Square, opposite from the Town hall, while the products are produced in the new big, privately-owned laboratory that is found in the Manna, little outside from Ermoupoli.

In the manufacture Korres we prepare with the old natural hand made way our tasty "loukoumi" delights in various flavours: Rose – Gum – Bergamot – vanilla – Indian Coconut in packing of 380 gr and 760 gr.

Also we prepare bites with mixed flavours, almond and net in packing 380 gr and 760 gr. The "loukoumi" delights of almond and the bites are also sold in packing of 5 kilos. Components of "loukoumi" delights are: Sugar – Starch of Maize – Lemon/water – Almond.

It is unique products from Syros with traditional but also original flavours, made in the hand with very art. Their rich flavour, that you understand him from the first bite, is owed in pure, most excellent quality materialls and in hand making of our products.

Certainly try them !!




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