“The sovereign of Cyclades”

Hermoupolis is the city that stamped with the presence her economic history of Greece for one almost century.

The city that “from the zero” incarnated a historical marvel!

Build at the Greek Revolution from Chiotes, Psarianous and Aivaiotes refugees, afterwards the destruction of Chios.

Her settlers gave in the city the name of Kerdoou and Scholar Ermis. Hermoupolis means “the city of Ermis, that was the ancient god of trade and letters.

Fast it developed in important naval and commercial station.  In few years the Hermoupolis was changed in first harbour of country with intense artistic and cultural movement. For a lot of decades existed the centre of trade for all Greece and beach of M. Asia. Simultaneously existed intense Industrial growth (Textile, Ship yards and Tannage). Were founded banks, shipping companies, ship yards, associations, printing-houses, etc. In Hermoupolis was the first iron Greek boat and functioned the first subsidiary company of National Bank.

All this economic prosperity led to the creation of powerful urban class and to the adoption of “European’” way of life. The way of clothing and the way of amusement of are western type.

The splendid classics mansions, samples of Romantic Classicism, gave the impression of European city in the centre of Aegean. European and Greek architects (Ziller,  Sampo,  Erlacher, Vlisidis, Eleytheriadis, etc.) and craftsmen and painters created this city that her architecture is considered monumental. Town hall,  Club “Greece”,  temple of Saint Nikolaos,  theatre Apollo  and the mansions in Steamboats district “Vaporia”, are certain from the samples of this architecture.

However from the end of 19th century the “ Sovereign of Cyclades ” begins to be undermined. Her decline began with the opening of Isthmus of Korinthos with result the appointment of other commercial centers, as the harbor of Piraeus.

Although the city continues constituting one from the more important administrative and commercial centers of southern Aegean. Today in Hermoupolis reside the Region of Southern Aegean and the Prefecture Cyclades. Neo classics buildings,  squares,  streets  testify the period of acne but the intellectual and cultural movement continue also today the course that began the previous century.