Just 7 km from Hermoupolis, to the western part of Syros, is the beautiful village of Galissas. A former agricultural village which has developed rapidly in the recent years to become the best tourist resort of the island.

The organised hotels, rooms to let and apartments to let, camping places, taverns and bars promise unforgettable moments to the visitors.

The wonderful beach with the fine sand and the shade from the salty pine trees, the well known hill of Saint Pakou with the picturesque little church, the port with the boats, the wonderful stone peer and the palm trees, are the places where the visitor can enjoy a walk in the beauties of the nature especially at dusk with the magnificent sunset.

The imposing cave of Saint Stefanos* with the white little church and the running water, Armeos, Glarontas and Saint Mamas, contribute to forming a magic landscape.

The cultural activities in Galissas are intense due to the fact that there is the base of two cultural Associations, which organise various events (theatre performances, wine celebration, art exhibitions, music nights, horse beauty contest, beach volley tournament, etc). In addition, there is the Nautical Association of Galissas.

* The cave of Saint Stefanos, built inside a cave, in an area with magnificent waters. The legend has it that this little church was built by a fisherman who was saved after struggling against a giant octopus. It was an offer to the Saint who had his name, Stefanos, for his salvation.