Finikas is a coastal village and is found in the south-western department of Syros. It includes the settlement of Vissa with 733 residents.

His population deals main with rural activities particularly blooming (aviculture, floriculture, livestock-farming, culture horticultural).

The last years was developed considerably the tourism, because the marvellous natural place and the satisfactory services that offer the tourist enterprises of village.

Remarkable it is that Finikas allocates the unique natural harbour of Syros protected from the Northern winds. This graphic harbour is shelter, station of supply and hospitality for small ships of recreation. It provides all the required benefits (catering of water, fuels, information, telephone communication, Greek and foreigner type).

The beautiful, open and full of trees beach of Finikas, with the golden sandy beach, the comfortable space of quartering, the marine games and sport, offers separate moments of relaxation and enjoyable walks in her graphic beach. Athletic installations, ground basket and children’s charms occupy pleasant small tourists in sure and happy spaces.

The visitor has comfortable choice of stay, spring and summertime, at that Finikas allocates modern Hotel units, rented rooms and apartments, unique cleanness and service. The food, been careful and most excellent quality, is offered in big variety in the many ouzos selling restaurant, restaurants, cafes and cafeterias of beach. For your daily shopping’s exist two Super Market. The telephone communication (urban and long distance) is ensured. Exist also Postal service, station of humid fuels, service stations of type Greek and foreigner, shops of tourist types.

In the westerners exists organised Marina that at all the duration of time serves the yachtsmen.

Finally in Finikas tourists will find the ideal conditions for pleasant quiet and unforgettable interruptions, in his clean sandy beaches, far from stress of daily life. Easter and summertime Finikas waits for you with hospitable disposal in order to offer to you unforgettable interruptions.