Denaxa Loukoumi Manufacture

Loukoumi Denaxa

Loukoumi Denaxa15 Years we write our own history in the space of production and packing of traditional sweets – delicacies and mainly delights and Chalvadopites

All our products are produced from pure materially taking into consideration the most excellent quality and the sweet enjoyment.

In 1990 we made our first coward steps in the space, (with our love for the tradition and the help of God) working day night in a small laboratory factor we created delight and chalvadopites with hands without the help of technology.

With your love and most excellent quality that you recognized in our products, you forced us in order to correspond in the demand and made our current modern manufacture which can offer to you except the delights and chalvadopites (that offer in ten flavours) other ten traditional goods of pastries and drinks.




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Our products:

  • Delights: Almond (with fresh cut almond) or Selectively (without almond) in 4 flavours Gum, Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot. 
  • Bites of Delights: With flavours of delights and moreover 4 flavours of fruits, and these with or without almond.
  • Chalvadopites: Almond, Mastichopita, Peanut and Chocolate.
  • Little Chalvadopites: Achivada small and big, in bag and in items.
  • Nougat: Traditional with entire almond.
  • Soumada Traditional: A pleasant cool herb drink.
  • Nougat with honey Traditional: In packing of 100 gr. or in square plastic box.
  • Gum Submarine: In packing the 1/2 or one kilo with flavour of gum Chios.
  • Halva Traditional: In packing the 1/2 or one kilo and in bulk full almond.
  • Turkish delights of luxury: They are offered in 4 fantastic flavours with peanut Aiginas – honey walnut – chocolate – Indian coconut in packing the 400 and 800 grams.
  • Antholoukoumo: With leaf of crust, turkish delight, gum Chios and anthonero