Chroussa is a place with thick greenery, well kept newly built houses bearing the traditional style, and old mansions.

On the top of a hill is the church of Virgin Mary Faneromeni, which was built in 1890. Next to the church, the old country church dates since 14th century. The church is celebrated on 24th September.

Following the road leading to the centre of the settlement, we meet the children’s camping; it is a worthy journey crossing the green part of the area.

Going up the slated lanes, we meet cottages surrounded by pine trees.

In the centre of Chroussa are the churches of Our Lady and Saint Spyridon.

In the only tavern of the settlement one can taste traditional dishes while on the road leading to Adiata there is a kart pitch for those who like speed. The visitors who like admiring nature can enjoy the wonderful view from the café that is in the premises of the kart pitch.