Apollon Theater

The first theatrical representations in Hermoupolis are dated, from 1826.

In the first years one wooden house served various theatric artists that visited the island. Thus the theatrical movement of Syros will make perceptible the need a permanent and organised theatre. The initiative for his construction him undertook a man from Hermoupolis M.K. Salvagos.

On 30 October 1861 the Municipal Council accepted the proposals of citizens and he decided unanimously they are erected “via cooperative” and with the help of Municipality theatre and club in the central square. Simultaneously they calculated the expenses of manufacture in 60.000 Drs

There were a lot of and various reactions in this decision. Many people considered unnecessary luxury the construction of theatre in a state newly established. The theatre of Hermoupolis to the manufacture of population of Free Greece.

The foundation is in the plot of theater’s square (today square of Io. Vardaka) very near in the central square Miaouli,. It became in 1862 beginnings of 1863 in drawing of the architect P. Sampo that worked as a municipal architect in Hermoupolis.

The opening of Apollon Theater

In October of 1864 they became with big luxoury the openings of theatre “Apollon”. Four melodramas played from Italian artists was the first work that they presented in the new theatre. Greek artists played for the first time in the theatre of Hermoupolis in March of 1866.

Externally the Theatre did not have rich architectural decor internally as it is reported it was micrography of Scale of Milan.

The last representation in the theatre Apollon was given in April 1953. Then is was abandoned and that caused important deterioration in the building. The work of re-establishment was completed in 2000 in drawings of architect Petros Pikionis.

Opening hours, daily:
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