Denaxa Loukoumi Manufacture

Loukoumi Denaxa

15 Years we write our own history in the space of production and packing of traditional sweets – delicacies and mainly delights and Chalvadopites All our products are produced from pure materially taking into consideration the most excellent quality and the sweet enjoyment. In 1990 we made our first coward steps in the space, (with our love […]

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Apollon Theatre

The first theatrical representations in Hermoupolis are dated, from 1826. In the first years one wooden haouse served various theatric artists that visited the island. Thus the theatrical movement of Syra will make perceptible the need a permanent and organised theatre. The initiative for his construction him undertook a man from Hermoupolis M.K. Salvagos. On […]

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Archaeological Museum of Syros

The Museum of Syros is one from the older archaeological museums of Greece. It was founded in 1834-35 and is accommodated today in the Municipal Palace of Ermoupolis, important monument, that was drawn by known architect E. Tsiller. The Museum of Syros, was initially founded as central protectoral the Cyclades, because Syros is the capital […]

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Delight of Syros – Loukoumi "A SWEET HISTORY IN SALTY WATERS OF AEGEAN"  Origin:  from Small Asia-Istamboul. Name:  Loukoumifrom the Turkish word lokum and is characterized, pastry from sugar and starch.  In the Syra reached the art of his creation with the first refugees from Chios, is said, that the first cauldrons entered the 1832. […]

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Emilia Luxury Apartments

Emilia rooms

The group of furnished apartments EMILIA LUXURY APARTMENTS is found in SYROS, in the region of BIG SEASHORE, region of Municipality of POSIDONIA,  near in the beach (roughly 120 metres),  on the provincial road Ermoypolis – Posidonias and hardly ten (10) kilometres from the centre of Ermoypolis. It has been built with base the Neoclassic […]

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