Korres Loukoumi Manufacture

Korres Loukoumi

The trade name "Korres" began her operation in 1962 in Ermoypoli of Syros factor "loukoumi" delights, "chalvadopites"(halva-pies) and halva with the traditional way. Today we continue the delivery in the manufacture and sale the pure these and traditional products and allocate also the bigger variety of lands of fruits in Syros. The shop of the […]

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Click here to see which pharmacy on duty in Syros Hermoupolis Andriotaki Flora Address: Stamatiou Proiou 26 – Hermoupolis Phones: +30 2281082300 – 2281085516 Armakola Eleni Address: Stamatiou Proiou 132 – Hermoupolis Phones: +30 2281088198 – 2281079311 Daskou Marita Address: Alexandrou Panagouli 12 – Hermoupolis Phones: +30 2281083545 – 6937022909 Iatropoulou E & Makridaki Th. Address: Stamatiou Proiou 3 – Hermoupolis Phones: […]

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