Syros Island - Cyclades - Greece

Travel Guide

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Seven km from the capital, we meet the settlement of Pagos, a genuine agricultural area in the interior of the island. Fertile soil, vineyards, cultivation of trees and a lot of green houses are the characteristics of the settlement, which maintains till today old popular customs.

Paul Cooper’s passage from Pagos initiated a new era. Explorer of the innovation, the Dutch agriculturalist reached the area in 1963 after intervention by the Catholic Church. His role was to advance the area, which was until then agriculture-bound. Owing to Cooper’s efforts the green house cultivation started developing which afterwards extended to the whole island and later to the whole Greece.

The history of Pagos, Agros and Mesaria dates since 2800 B.C. This area, where there are great signs of the Roman Era, is an important part of the rich ancient history of Syros.



Saturday, 23 June 2018