Syros Island - Cyclades - Greece

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After the establishment of Hermoupolis (1830), Episkopio became a holiday resort where the merchants of Syros had their cottages built. It is the closest to Hermoupolis holiday resort and one of the greenest areas of the island.


The road to Piskopio passes from the hill Sklipi where one can see the estate and the cottage ‘Avrofiliton’ belonging to the doctor Ioannis Foustanos (the building is the former Sanatorium).

The settlement stretches on the slopes of a hill on the top of which is the church of Prophet Helias. The church is a one-aisle basilica of 1845.


Beautiful cottages are next to the road. Some other cottages are surrounded by wonderful gardens. On the lane leading to Mallia settlement are the ruins of a building that used to be the Catholic Bishop’s residence. This building that was constructed in the 15th century gave its name to the settlement.


The church of Our Lady Episkopiani or Protothroni is an important historic element and worship place; according to the custom, it was the first metropolis of Syros and it is estimated that it was built approximately in the 6th century.

It is believed that the salvation of the island from the pandemic of the plague in 1728 was due to Our Lady Episkopiani.



Monday, 25 June 2018