Syros Island - Cyclades - Greece

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The old Harbour

The old harbour is found in the left side of bight.

There exist the old Deposits of Transit  that build in the 1834-1839 with government owned expense, drawings of J.V. Erlaher and with help from Vilhelm fon Vailer. The building of is total length of 122 m. and is separated in two wings.

In each wing they existed seven deposits. Front them existed gallery with big openings, that today have been closed. The barges went near the building from the sea, and unloaded directly in the deposit.

From the interwar the Deposits had ceased they carry out their initial operation. The arrangements that became for the installation of public services, restaurant etc, did not offend the nutshell of building.

In 1994 were created in four deposits of southern wing the Art gallery Cyclades, which entertains periodical reports and her own collections (entry from the other side of building).

There also you will see the Faculty of Commercial Navy, where in the old days was accommodated the first Telegraph office of Greece and the Neo Classic building of Custom that gives a note of culture that floods the island.

On the other hand the buildings you can see a city built in in the sea.


Monday, 25 June 2018